English 9

12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced.

FCA's typed on top left corner:
1. Descriptive Language (character, geographical, creative language such as simlies and metaphors) 15pts/-5
2. Plot 20 pts/-5
3. Punctuation 10 pts/-1

After FCA's, center your title. Below the title, still centered, write "By Your Name", obviously inserting your name.

The first line of the story will be indented as well as the first line of every paragraph.

Due Friday October 1!!!


Monday, Sept. 13:

Write two descriptive paragraphs about the "person" in the classroom. Make sure to include plenty of descriptions. Name the person on the top of your paper, and provide a 1-2 line setting or backstory on your character.

Friday, Sept. 10
: Dialogue assignment: due Monday - Create a 100-200 word dialogue between two or more people using correct dialogue punctuation, typing it in 12 pt Times New Roman font, double-spacing, with your name and date typed on the top left hand corner of your paper.

Thursday, Sept. 9
Read "Americanism" from story packet and finish dialogue sheet.

Wednesday, Sept. 8
: Complete "My Inspiration" sheet(s) in notebook.

Tuesday, Sept. 7: Complete Story Maps and know its various components.

Friday, Sept. 3: Write a Type 1 essay explaining why Montresor sought out revenge on Fortunato.