Survey of American Literature
Monday, Sept. 20: Thoughtfully reflect on your journals about the meaning behind "The Lottery" and what it can teach us. This will be written on one full page in your journal using Type 2 format.

Monday, Sept. 13: During class, students reflected on American Literature and what it means to be American. As homework, they are to respond to the worksheet questions that correspond to the three poems handed out in class.

Wednesday, Sept. 8: Make revisions to "American" paper - final draft due tomorrow!
Also, read the biography of Jonathan Edwards on page 54.

Tuesday, Sept. 7: Write a Type 3 essay on what it means to you to be an American. Concentrate on the three FCA's.
       1. Introduction and thesis statement (10)
       2. Three supporting paragraphs (30/-10)
       3. Complete sentences (5/-2)