Mission Trip 2012
Where: Redbird Mission, Beverly, Kentucky
When: March 11-18, 2012
Cost: $700
Deposit: $50 by November 4

The GRAA 2012 Mission Trip will again be at the Red Bird Mission in Kentuchy. The needs there are great an dwe will again have the opportunity to serve families in rural appalachia as well as local SDA churches. Participants will stay at a camp near Beverly, Kentucky and spend days repairing houses for local families. We will have the opportunity to do some sight seeing during the week. On Sabbath we will provide worship services in the area SDA churches.

Payment Schedule:
$50 November 4
$162.50 December 1
$162.50 January 1
$162.50 February 1
$162.50 March 1

Scholarship money is available. Contact Mr. Engelman

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