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This page contains links to textbooks and other interesting web sites. There are also be reading report forms and other forms used in portfolios. Some of my lecture notes have been added as well as slide shows, and other study aids.

Chapter Reading Forms 

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Careers Forms

Colleges Forms

Gettysburg Notes in Powerpoint

Reconstruction Notes

Civil War Songs:

All_Quiet_Along_The_Potomac                          Goober_Peas
John_Browns_Body                                            Tenting_On_The_Old_Camp_Ground 
Dixie                                                                    The_Battle_Cry_Of_Freedom
Maryland_My_Maryland                                      Wait_For_The_Wagon
The_Bonnie_Blue_Flag                                       When_Jonnie_Comes_Marching_Home

Link for Islam Empire of Faith Resources

Ecology of West Michigan Powerpoint
Ecology PP In Quiz Format