Capital Campaign
We need to clean up our GRAA New High School Building Mortgage Payment. Thus, the Capital Campaign Committee is asking for your help -- we would like you to join the TEACH MOPS to help us Make Our Payment by Systematically giving either through your church or directly to GRAA's TEACH fund.

Let’s work together to provide for the $4,341.05 monthly mortgage payment. God has already provided the resources! Please be one of our 100 families to firmly commit to $50.00 each month in order to meet this mortgage. (That’s $1.67 per day and only $600.00 per year). As always, our local churches have firmly supported our school and together we can use our blessings from God to accomplish our goal. If we step out in faith with a willingness to share, the Lord will bless.

One single mom with 2 students in GRAA said to count her in! “I have been thinking about joining in, I’ll do it!” She held up a can of pop and said, “They charge $1.50 per pop can where I work, if I give up my daily pop, that will just about cover the $1.67 per day for my $50 monthly support.”

Another family who has 3 children attending GRAA (2 in high school and one in Junior high) said they would commit to $50.00 per month. You may ask, “And how can they afford that?” Because they are committed to Christian Education and they are ‘stepping out in faith.’ They are cutting back on eating out allowing them to meet their monthly commitment. A simple step to help us achieve our goal!

We need your support! We would like to hear your ideas and suggestions to inspire other to join MOPS and help clean up our Mortgage! You may direct any suggestion to GRAA's office staff who will get them to the capital campaign committee.

Join the MOPS crew by being one of:
100 Families to give $50.00 per month
200 Families to give $25.00 per month
Can We Count On You?

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